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The power of a personal assistant

Hire on Full Time/Part time /Hourly bais.
Hire Indians Infotech is one of the top IT staff outsourcing companies with 5 global offices and 2 development centres. It offers remote, professional and experienced Mobile App, Web Developers, Designers, Project Managers and Testers as per client’s requirement. It is also the winner of 7 National and International Awards.

We are a Team of 100+ developers expertise in different technologies like: PHP,.Net , Node JS, React, Angular , Android, I phone and can provide resources on Full Time, Part time and hourly Model.
Our History

Creating time and freedom for you.

Hiring Remote employee from HireIndians is exactly the same as having your own employee except that you avoid all the hassles of hiring, HR and payroll. You will have full control over developers, budget, and productivity of resources.

We are one of the world’s biggest brand in providing Remote Developers, Designers, Testers to the clients worldwide. By Hiring Remote resources from Hire Indians, you can focus on your core area of business lie: Sales etc. Over the span of 15 years, we have provided different resources expertise in different technologies, domains on Full Time, part time or hourly basis. Infarct there are virtual team working for the clients remotely like their own employees.

We’ll do it all because you deserve the best!

HireIndians take care of everything from planning ,conceptualization, design Development and Testing. During this phase, objectives and requirements are defined, and a roadmap is established. Next comes design, where ideas are translated into detailed blueprints or prototypes.

Implementation follows, where developers bring designs to life through coding, testing, and iteration. Afterward, rigorous testing ensures functionality, performance, and security meet desired standards. Once the product or solution passes tests, it moves to deployment, where it becomes accessible to end-users.
Why choose us

15 Years of Industry Experience

1000+ successful project executions

Strong and proven track record of successful, on-time, on-budget delivery of projects worldwide

Well defined processes and flexible working models

Our Working Models and payment terms are Flexible.

Seamless Communication

Effective Communication through email, phone and chat etc

We help clients to build, create and maintain their success

We bring Life to your Idea through our Development and Marketing Services