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Referral Partnership

Hireindians`s Referral Partnership Program is suitable for individuals or small organizations who have access to a large community, network or prospects database and can recommend Hireindians`s services to them.

Few people realize how they can turn their community networks into a money-making opportunity. Partners get rewarded through a `finder`s fee`, without getting into the hassles of client dealing or project management. You do not need any domain knowledge of Web Development & Search Engine Marketing (although that would help), for referring prospects. A high zeal of sniffing referral opportunities and constantly seeking newer networks and communities is all you need. You can decide your own work hours, time of work or just use your online networking skills sitting from home.

You will earn for every successful referral business secured, while the referrer would be grateful to you for referring them to a reliable and reputed service provider.

Program Highlights:

Definition: Partner shall refer prospects to Hireindians. Hireindians shall pay a referral fee to the partner for their referral efforts.

Suitable For: Individuals & small companies who have access to a large number of prospects but do not wish to get involved in the client dealings or project management beyond a referral.

Brand: Services shall be sold under Hireindians brand.

Client Ownership: Hireindians shall own the client accounts.

Client Communication: All communications with the client regarding the project shall be handled by Hireindians.

Billing: The billing shall be in the name of Hireindians.

Project Cost & Markups: Partner can advise a suitable billing rate depending upon his assessment of the client`s quality and support expectations. The Partner shall get commissions based on the difference between Hireindians standard service fee and the billing fee advised by the Partner (subject to actual billing rates). In absence of any advise from the partner, Hireindians shall bill as per its standard service fee.

Payments: Partner shall be paid as and when Hireindians receives the payments for the project milestones.

Project Enhancements: Hireindians shall deal with the client for all future projects & enhancements.

Promotion through Partner shall not be listed on

Project Listing in Hireindians Portfolio: All projects shall be listed in Hireindians portfolio

Use of Hireindians Portfolio: Partner can show Hireindians portfolio to the prospects they intend to refer.

Proposals Support: Proposals shall be sent directly to the clients. Partner can request a copy of all such proposals to review the quotes.

Collateral & Marketing Support: Limited amount of collateral material can be provided to the partner on a case-to-case basis.


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