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Project Development cycle


A typical project development methodology, at HireIndians , involves the following stages:

Requirement Analysis: This process is also known as feasibility study.
In the requirement analysis phase we conduct an in-depth study and a gap analysis of the client’s requirements. Based on the requirements gathered, we create the project understanding Doc at records in detail every feature and functionality to be included in the solution. The Project understanding Doc is sent to the client for verification and approval.

Architecture & Design: After the feature list has been approved, the solution architecture i.e. the database and system design, GUI prototype is created. The architecture and design are based on the requirements contained in the functional specification document.

Implementation & Integration: Once the architecture and design are in place, the process of coding the solution begins. Regular review of the code is carried out to verify that the code conforms to the standards. The individual code modules written by the developers are integrated to form a whole.

Deployment & Testing: The solution is deployed on a testing server wherein our team of testers runs various tests such as functional testing, compatibility testing, regression testing etc. Bugs/errors identified in the testing process are duly recorded. The developers work to remove the bugs/errors identified. The testing cycle is repeated till all bugs/errors are removed. After a successful verification, a final version of the software is released to the client.

We follow iterative method to project management that allows client feedback at key stages of the project to ensure that the objectives are being achieved. We lay emphasis on transparent communication, strong planning and clear understanding of the requirements.

At HireIndians, we have set of coding, design and documentation standards and practices as well as software development methodologies in place. The standards define the conventions, techniques and styles to be followed during every aspect of project development from design to coding. All projects that we undertake follow the set guidelines.

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