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Private Label Partnership

HireIndians's Private Label Partnership Program is a smart business expansion solution for well-established organizations in Web Development & Search Engine Marketing space, having a large client base and an efficient service delivery framework. As a Private Label Partner, you can leverage large service capacities of HireIndians and expand your service offerings under your own brand.

In a relatively short period of time, you could enhance your service capacity without increasing your monthly overheads or having to hire, train and synchronize development teams. You also get the advantage of HireIndians's evolved work processes and project-execution methodologies. You shall dictate the end-user pricing and handle all client-facing interactions, while HireIndians shall provide services in the background under strict confidentiality and anonymity. HireIndians shall propose optimum solutions and project proposals to you. You can modify the proposals to suit your client's needs.

Program Highlights:

Definition: Partner would sell under their own brand. HireIndians would work as an outsourced company & shall remains anonymous to the clients of the partner.

Suitable For: Well established companies having ability to secure business from large number of clients & wish to increase their delivery capacities, without increasing their fixed monthly costs.

Brand: Partners shall promote their own brand without exposing HireIndians to their clients.

Client Ownership: The partner shall own the client accounts.

Client Communication: Partner shall communicate with their clients at all times. HireIndians shall not contact the clients of the partner.

Billing: The billing shall be in the name of the partner.

Project Cost & Markups: Partner shall suitably markup the project costs received from HireIndians, to cover their sales, marketing, project coordination & customer support expenses.

Payments: Partner shall pay HireIndians as per pre-agreed fee and project milestones.

Project Enhancements: Partner shall coordinate with the client for all project enhancements and repeat orders from the clients.

Promotion through Partner shall not be exposed on the website.

Project Listing in HireIndians Portfolio: Projects handled through the partner shall not be listed in the HireIndians portfolio.

Use of HireIndians Portfolio: Partner shall not use HireIndians portfolio & showcase during their sales process.

Proposals Support: HireIndians shall provide proposals to the partner for each project as per specifications. Partner can suitably amend, edit, markup, brand and forward the proposals to their prospects.

Collateral & Marketing Support:HireIndians shall not provide any sales collateral material to the partner like brochures, fliers, handouts, business cards, methodology & process documents etc.

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