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Application development

Need a customized application to maximize business productivity?

Our application development and integration services are geared to aid clients achieve their business goals, increase business efficiencies and gain a competitive edge over competitors.

Whether you want to develop customized web application/desktop application/touchscreen application,we have a group of experienced and professional software engineers that will go through the defined software development phases starting from business requirement analysis to successful completion of application.

We plan, design, build, test and implement applications following strict quality standards and integrate them into your business processes and system environments seamlessly.

We ensure to deliver you quality based application and our each and every application goes through rigorous testing for quality before it is deemed ready for delivery. Each and every functionality is thoroughly tested at each stage of development. We aim at producing quality applications and products that can put you and your business streets ahead of the competition.

Types of Application development

  • E-Commerce applications and virtual stores.
  • Customized application Development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Web based/Desktop application
  • Database Integration of solutions.
  • Specialized Portal applications.
  • Password protection, Image Protection, Digital Rights Management..
  • Content management tools and systems.
  • Payment & Billing systems.
  • On-line subscription, on-line publishing systems.
  • Inventory management applications.
  • Executive Information Systems.
  • Marketing Management and Reporting systems.
  • Custom built customer service applications.
  • Threaded message board, bulletin board.
  • Job sites and job boards.
  • Subscription Management.
  • Online Surveys and Polls.
  • Offshore development model for your development needs. We give you a dedicated team of developers as an extension of your development lab.
  • Web Enabling: Web-enabling of existing/legacy applications, multichannel application development.
  • Corporate Internet presence, Intranet and Extranet.

Case Studies

1)Salon Application Development:

This project was done for one of the leading US based IT company. The application’s objective is to calculate performance of particular salon based on various inputs. For calculating performance date is entered for predefined expense or custom categories. Then based on some predefined formulas or equation system provide results in required format accordingly. There are various users to this application with different rights/access.

We have gathered requirements from client made a project understanding doc and divided projects into various milestones on the basis of various phases from design/development/testing/gets regular inputs from client and deliver it successfully .

User Types

  • Super Admin
  • Admin (Saloon Owner)

Roles and Permissions for various user types

Super Admin

Role: Super admin is owner of the application who have the access to centralized data and following permissions.


  • Set weeky/monthly/yearly targets for salon(Planned sale/guest count).
  • Different setups ‘ll be created on monthly basis, these ‘ll be available in editable mode until finalized. If finalized these cannot be Enter actual data(Actual Planned sale/Actual guest count) on monthly basis.
  • View/ calculate results based on various formulas/equations.
  • Send/save/print report.

2) :


Accounting Website


We have designed and developed this accounting site for one of the  leading Australian taxation and accounting company . This site was done in Drupal. We have integrated Australian payment gateway and Yousendit drop-box for sending big files.


There are 3 main parts of site



•         Accounts Payment

•         Secure Log-in for Clients - to upload documents to the accountant and also Download reports, accounts, etc.

•         Update Client Details.



3) Facebook Banner Project :


We have developed this application in .net and flex. Its a very complex project . We can  give you Demo of it if required.


Following are the modules in facebook banner project:


1) Creation of logo using flex components



2) All the banners will be managed from the admin section


3) User can create facebook banner and will post the banners to their wall of facebook



4) User can purchase logo and pay using paypal


5) User can like all the different logo and banner uploaded by admin


6) User can signin in the website and can place an order for logo and banner for the site.


7) User management that fills the form from front end


4)     Document Management system:


We have done Document management system for one of the leading Automobile company called Carnation . This  was done in .net .


Below are the modules that are implemented in the admin section and running on your server.


1) Manage Admin Users : Admin can create other admin users who will act as admin and can make necessary settings on the site.


2) List Admin Users : Admin can see the listing of all other admins and search admin users.


3) Manage Employees: This section contains list of all the employees that are added by the admin. We have uploaded all the employees in the database and now they are shown on the site. 

Every employee will be given a password at the time of creating the user, this password can be changed by the Employee once he logs in to the site first time.

Right now all the users have one common password "DMS" which is set while bulk uploading on the server.


4) Add Employee : This section will be used by the admin to add new employee on the database. Now the fields are as per the specs that we discussed last time. For every employee the  "Employee Id" will be the username and password will be DMS. Which they can change once they log in on the site.



5) Manage Folders : This is the module from where the users can see listing of all the folders. Admin can add a subfolder by clicking on "Add Subfolder" that is there in the listing.


6) Add Folder : This module will be used by the admin to add new parent folder.



7) MANAGE Documents : Admin can see the listing of all the documents that are added for each  employee.


8) Add Document : This is the module that will be used to add document.


Features :


1) Admin can filter the employee based upon "Designation" or "Department" while assigning the document to the user.


2) Admin has both read and write permission on the folders and subfolders, and can also assign the same to other admin users.


3) Employee will have read permission on all the folders.


4)The will be two types of document a) Document b) Video.


5) Based upon the chosen type user can upload document of type, pdf,word, excel, txt.


6) In case of video admin will have to add the name of the video file and upload the physical file on the folder.



5)     Saveby City :( Coupon site )


This is a Deal/Coupon based site like: groupon  we have done for US based client .

It was doen in .net . Client has divided project into 2 parts . 1st is web based portal and then I phone application for the same.



Below are the modules of the website :


Modules :


1) Api integration with commonjunction services.


2) Admin can upload all the deals and coupons from the admin section.


3) Admin can add websites that will be visible on the front end.


4) There are two types of coupon that are managed from admin section (a)local coupon b) Online coupon)


5) Facebook like implementation on the website.


6) User can add their coupons and deals using the front end and that will be approved by the admin.


7) All the online coupons are fetched from commonjunction site.






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