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Co-branded Partnership

The Hireindians co-branded Partnership Program is a strategic alliance with companies offering online services. Through this program, partners will be able to offer a broader range of services to their existing clients and new prospects by adding complimentary services in their portfolio and leverage greater business opportunities in a competitive environment.

All services shall be provided to the clients on a co-branded basis, promoting both partner`s and Hireindians`s brand. By becoming a co-branded partner, you can focus on your core business while creating incremental revenue streams for your business. If you are in a complementary line of business and have a customer base who could benefit by availing a broader range of services from your company, then this partnership would suit your business needs best.

Hireindians works closely with the partner on each client project and keeps the partner updated with the project progress. Partner enjoys the freedom to mark-up the costs to cover their sales, marketing and client-coordination expenses.

Program Highlights:

Definition: A strategic alliance where Hireindians services are offered to the clients of the partner on a co-branded basis.

Suitable For: Companies in Web Development or Search Engine Marketing space offering only limited service range or companies offering complimentary services such as web hosting, graphic design, advertising, marketing, print production, media buying, online consulting, application development, ERP integration etc. Companies desiring to expand their service offerings to increase their revenues and are willing to be transparent as a co-branded partner.

Brand: Both Hireindians and partner brands are promoted.

Client Ownership: The partner shall own the client accounts.

Client Communication: Partner and Hireindians can jointly communicate with the client.

Billing: The billing shall be in the name of the partner.

Project Cost & Markups: Partner shall suitably markup the project costs received from Hireindians, to cover their sales, marketing & project coordination expenses.

Payments: Partner shall pay Hireindians as per pre-agreed fee and project milestones.

Project Enhancements: Partner shall coordinate with the client for all project enhancements and further orders from the clients.

Promotion through Partner shall be listed on if the partner carries the co-branded information on their site.

Project Listing in Hireindians Portfolio: All projects shall be listed in Hireindians portfolio

Use of Hireindians Portfolio: Partner can show Hireindians portfolio to the prospects during their sales process.

Proposals Support: Hireindians shall provide co-branded proposals to the partner for each project as per specifications. Partner can suitably amend, edit, markup and forward the proposals to their prospects.

Collateral & Marketing Support: Limited amount of collateral material can be provided to the partner on a case-to-case basis.


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