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Hire Indians Franchise

Hireindians Franchise program allows you to instantly represent a reputed brand in Web Development & Search Engine Marketing space, showcase an impressive portfolio, offer broad range of services and accelerate sales cycle to give you high revenue opportunities.

The program is suitable for individuals and small companies who possess a fair amount of domain knowledge in Web Development and Search Engine Marketing space. If you have a flair for meeting and networking with prospects, have sales skills and would like to focus on sales conversions rather than project execution, then this program is ideal for you.

Leads generated on Hireindians website from your area of operations shall be forwarded to you for a face-to-face follow up and speedy conversion. Hireindians shall help you in marketing activities and give you strategic inputs to help you have a deep market penetration and local visibility. Hireindians shall work closely with you on each lead you generate and support you by providing optimum solutions and project proposals based on your advise of charging suitable billing rates which would depend upon your assessment of the client`s quality and support expectations. As a front-face of the company, you shall carry out client interactions and help in coordinating projects delivered to the client.

Program Highlights:

Definition: Partner would work as a Hireindians Franchise and market Hireindians`s services.

Suitable For: Individuals & small companies who have a fairly good knowledge of services and have access to a large number of prospects and wish to represent a reputed brand.

Brand: Services shall be sold under Hireindians brand.

Client Ownership: The partner shall own the client accounts.

Client Communication: All communications with the client regarding the project shall jointly be handled by Hireindians Franchise & Hireindians.

Billing: The billing shall be in the name of Hireindians.

Project Cost & Markups: Hireindians Franchise shall advise a suitable billing rate depending upon his assessment of the client`s quality and support expectations.

Payments: Payments would be linked to performance of the Hireindians Franchise. Hireindians works on fixed costs + incentives model.

Project Enhancements: Hireindians Franchise and Hireindians shall jointly deal with the client for all future projects & enhancements.

Promotion through Hireindians Franchise shall be listed on as an official Hireindians contact. All leads directly originating from the area shall be given to the Hireindians Franchise for follow up.

Project Listing in Hireindians Portfolio: All projects shall be listed in Hireindians portfolio

Use of Hireindians Portfolio: Hireindians Franchise can show Hireindians portfolio to the prospects during their sales process.

Proposals Support: Hireindians shall provide proposals to the Hireindians Franchise for each project. The Hireindians Franchise shall review & forward the proposals to the prospects.

Collateral & Marketing Support: Hireindians shall provide all required sales collateral material like brochures, fliers, handouts, business cards, methodology & process documents etc.


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